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Bring your brand, your story, your event to life with FOSTER.

Frequent Questions

How long does the custom process take?

The custom process varies in time based on the amount of artwork and which products you are choosing to customize.

Playing Cards: We prefer 2 months advance at minimum. 4-6 months advance is ideal for a smooth and fluid process.

Who do I work with during this process?

All of our clients will be able to work with Frances and Kim, FOSTER co-founders, directly to create the perfect custom pieces.

What are the minimum order quantities?

This varies based on turn around time and project size. However, we typically encourage 100 decks of playing cards, 1000 individual cups, and 500 individual napkins. These quantities can be adjusted but this typically what recommend.

How much would a custom project cost?

A custom project ranges in cost depending on quantities order. For information on pricing, please feel free to fill out our inquiry form and we will send you a quote with more information.

What does a custom deck of cards look like?

FOSTER playing cards are already unique in that they display 16 paintings of icons, traditions, buildings, and history. Each set of playing cards features its own painting. These 16 different paintings truly bring your brand or event to life in the palm of your hand. These playing cards are great conversation starters, marketing pieces, and collectors items. We can't wait to start yours today!

FOSTER custom playing cards for wedding.

Custom Wedding Playing Cards

We have had the opportunity to create custom playing cards for multiple weddings. These tell the story of the bride and groom, and showcase memories and important moments they wish to share with their guests.

These are typically given out as gifts in welcome baskets, at the rehearsal dinner, or at the wedding.

National Championship: College Football Playoff 2023

The College Football Playoff Custom Project was a fan favorite! Kim and Frances worked with Revel XP and the CFP to create a custom set of playing cards, a variety of napkins, and popcorn boxes that beautifully displayed the past 10 years of National Champions and the 2023 playoff in Los Angeles.

Custom College Football Playoff Playing Cards by FOSTER
College Football Playoff National Championship Playing Cards by FOSTER
College Football Playoff Project by FOSTER
FOSTER custom playing cards

Saxony Horse Farm

This beautiful deck was created for a horse farm in Kentucky, Saxony.

FOSTER Custom playing cards for Saxon Horse Farm.

This beautiful horse farm hosts weddings, weekenders, and vacationers on their many acres. The faces of this card deck captures the inns, horses, pets, barns, and sunsets of Saxony Horse Farm.

This deck was sold exclusively in the Saxony gift shop for wedding guests and visitors to take home as a little piece of memorabilia.

Real Estate Marketing and Gifting

These 2 decks of custom cards were created to give out as gifts to real estate clients. Each painting captures the icons and well-known locations from Chattanooga and Signal Mountain. These decks serve as thoughtful and unique marketing materials and gifts for clients.

FOSTER custom playing cards for Chattanooga TN real estate business
FOSTER custom playing cards
FOSTER custom playing cards for Signal Mountain Real Estate
Texas Rose Festival Playing Cards by FOSTER

Texas Rose Festival Playing Cards

The Texas Rose Festival Playing Cards by FOSTER have been evolved into a collector's item. Each year FOSTER works with the Texas Rose Festival to create a deck of cards that not only represents the year's theme, but each individual costume and participant.

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