Cooking For Christmas: A Defined Dish Favorite

Cooking For Christmas: A Defined Dish Favorite

For us, Cooking is overwhelming, especially at the Holidays. At FOSTER, we are creatives but not in the kitchen. That is why we love the Defined Dish Cookbooks.

These cookbooks are so helpful in creating delicious recipes that impress our guests, while making it easy to follow. This way we can focus on what we do best, designing the details.

The Holidays are such a busy time for us with work, hosting, and party-going. Holiday hosting gets exhausting when we want to clean the house, decorate, set out nice kitchen and table displays, on top of cooking. So we have create a quick list of tips to help you ease the stress of hosting this season.

  1. Defined Dish Cookbook is a beautiful and useful display to leave out in your kitchen. The design of the book is a fun pairing to our FOSTER cups and napkins. The white and clean aesthetic pair nicely with our sophisticated, yet fun, patterned napkins and cups. The FOSTER pops of color add a pleasing touch to the imagery and ingredients within the book.

  2. Pull out your Le Crueset and Kitchen trays. Cook everything in your nice oven-safe dishes so you can cook more and clean up less. This provides a pretty way to cook and display your food next to FOSTER napkins. This way you can save on the clean up and impress your guests.

  3. FOSTER is an easy way to bring your kitchen and bar displays to life. The cups and napkins are a beautiful touch of detail that bring a personal and festive touch into your home.

Lastly, we recommend the Chicken Saltimbocca Roll-Ups from Defined Dish as an easy recipe for hosting a group of people around the Holidays. The warm meal is easy to cook and everyone will love it!

Happy Holiday from FOSTER.



Frances and Kim

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