A Custom Opportunity: The College Football Playoff

A Custom Opportunity: The College Football Playoff

The past few month, FOSTER has been working closely with Revel XL and the College Football Playoff to create a line of custom collectibles and unique details that bring the history and fandom behind this National event into tangible form.

FOSTER has created National Championship playing cards, napkins, and snack boxes.

The FOSTER National Championship Playing Cards capture the past 9 years of the National Champions’ locations, stadiums, teams, scores, and more. Each suit displays many paintings that communicate the importance and history of each year.

FOSTER also worked with Revel XP and TEALL to create custom napkins that are a show stopper. These napkins bring the events to life, providing an artistic detail to this sporty event. These napkins will be displayed and used at the National Championship’s exclusive Sunday Night Event at the Vibiana and SoFi pre-game tailgate.

Revel XP elevates game day experiences. Their mission parallels well with that of FOSTER, to FOSTER experiences and memories.

Each napkin brings the entirety of this historical weekend into the palm of your hand. Inglewood, L.A., and the CFP come to life with these pieces of art.

Lastly, FOSTER created, for the first time, a popcorn box that takes takes the user on a journey through Los Angeles, Inglewood, and the National Championship weekend. Iconic locations, traditions, and memories fill the circumference of the popcorn box as the viewer takes in the exclusive paintings.

Each one of these items truly unique.

FOSTER National Championship Custom Fan Experience for REVEL XP

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