5 Ole Miss Graduation Gifts You Have to Gift

5 Ole Miss Graduation Gifts You Have to Gift

5 Ole Miss Graduation Gifts You Have to Gift

We LOVE Ole Miss. Kim and Frances, the co-founders of FOSTER, both graduated from the beloved school and they are so excited they have the opportunity to support Ole Miss through their sales and see students enjoy their college years in Oxford. 

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Frances and Kim have curated a unique and upscale selection of Ole Miss products that you will not want to miss!

Here are Kim and Frances' top 5 picks for Ole Miss incoming students and grads:

1. Ole Miss Playing Cards by FOSTER

The Ole Miss playing cards are amazing! Each suit displays a different memory, tradition, or icon from Ole Miss (16 different paintings total). This deck makes for the best game nights, table displays, and walk down memory lane.

Graduates will love these playing cards. These high quality playing cards will take students on a walk down memory lane as they make memories over game nights with friends.

playing card display

2. Playing Card Cases

Love those Ole Miss Playing Cards? Then these playing card cases are for you! The beauty of FOSTER playing cards is that they are beautiful! FOSTER designed these playing cards for display. Whether you have one deck or two, we have a case for you!

The acrylic playing card cases are vibrant and sleek. Each case makes for a beautiful display and piece of decor. These cases will absolutely elevate any space from coffee tables, to dorm rooms, to family homes.

The wooden card cases are also a beautiful idea. The wooden finishes make for a warm and inviting piece of decor. These cases are a more masculine gift to keep in mind for displaying cards!

Ole Miss Playing Card Display Bundle- Red Double Deck Card Holder

Hand-Crafted Wooden Playing Card Case


3. Ole Miss Colonel Reb Painting

Looking for a piece of collegiate art with an upscale flair? This is it! The Colonel Reb painting is a modern take on a classic Ole Miss icon, Colonel Reb. The traditional colors display depth and a modern twist of powder blue. 

This painting is a one of a kind piece, meaning there is not another one like it! It is an original piece that deserves a special home. From dorm rooms to game rooms, and every room in between, any Ole Miss fan will love this piece of art and cherish it for years and years to come.

Ole Miss Colonel Reb Painting by Frances Hackney Art


4. Ceramic Napkin Holder

This white ceramic napkin holder is the perfect gift for graduates and incoming students. These displays are a beautiful piece of decor that will elevate your paper napkins. 

These napkin holders are a perfect way to display your Ole Miss paper napkins from FOSTER. These are an affordable gift that will get a lot of use over the years!

White ceramic bamboo napkin holders


5. Ole Miss Gift Tags

What is a graduation gift without a collegiate gift tag?

If you are looking to elevate your gifting, here is the answer. These gift tags are a unique and beautiful touch to gift your grad!


Ole Miss logo gift tagOle Miss Colonel Reb Gift Tags



HOTTY TODDY and Gift your Grad the Best with FOSTER!

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I already have several of these items and the ideas that “Foster” has put together for incoming and graduating students at Ole Miss are unique. Any Ole Miss fan will love these choices.


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