3 Unique Ways To Host This Holiday

3 Unique Ways To Host This Holiday

Holiday hosting can be hard and full of pressure, making sure you ring in the Christmas Cheer for all your guests. Here are 3 unique ways to help you host this Holiday season.

  1. Paper Napkins with Hand-Painted Designs

    Ditch the linens and grab high-quality paper napkins that are designed to elevate your space with hand-painted designs. FOSTER paper napkins are a beautiful piece of art that are created to bring a beautiful detail into your space in an effortless way.

  2. Plastic Cups All Night!

    I have found that using plastic cups is extremely helpful when hosting Holiday parties. Typically, I offer a set of wine glasses, champagne flutes, etc. that are glass, but I accompany them with plastic FOSTER cup sets. This brings a unique detail to my bar space that captures my guests’ attention. I always get compliments on the hand-painted designs on the cups, people love the simplicity of the plastic cup and the fun art they can hold in their hand.

  3. Ditch the Place Cards

    Place cards have been around for a long time, they are a classic staple but they are not always the best display at the end of the day. Instead, make the place cards interactive and memorable. Last year at Christmas, I swapped my place cards for a deck of FOSTER playing cards wrapped in a bow and gift tag. Each gift tag labeled the place setting with the guests name. This was a fun way the guests could take home a Christmas gift from you party and locate their seat. My guests were so impressed and the trend is catching on.

Hopefully, this was helpful! These 3 Unique ways to host through the Holidays were developed by experience, Kim and Frances used these methods and tested it themselves. GUESTS LOVED THESE DETAILS.


Frances and Kim, co-founders of FOSTER

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